The Volunteer Facilities is for all Honorary Members Organizations and Members of the First Virtual Global Community to use. 

Honorary Members can fill out any projects that they are trying to accomplish or publish any services that they need to have filled. 

Members of the First Virtual Global Community can do the same.  We ask that all parties that use this facility remember this is for Volunteer service.  Please be as detailed as you can be to your needs, the services that you need help for and what type of service you would be willing to perform.  Also if you need compensation for part(s) of your service then specify in your listing. 

You can post a Resume, Job Offer, or a special need for help.  Please use this facility for the purpose it was intended.  Do not post other jobs other than jobs for Volunteer needs.  Do not post special funding projects other than critical needs.  All other types should be listed in the Jobs/Employment Center or if it is a funding project in the Ideas/Projects Center.

Thank you again for your desire to serve and help others.