Goals and Values English

The Virtual Global Community is committed to the following:

 Allowing all members of the Community the right to explore every possible opportunity that does not contradict or take away from the core values of the Community.

 The core values are:
o Honesty
o Trustworthy
o Integrity
o Commitment
o Work Ethic
o Looking to help others
o Blindness to Race, Nationality, Religion, Political Affiliation and Gender.

 The Community is dedicated to allowing all people to work together in the areas they dream and want to aspire. But no one is forced to work with anyone. On the contrary everyone has the right to choose who they work with and to individually agree or to disagree.

 It is the intention of the Community and its individual members to disavow any acts of corruption and to make amends if any is intentionally or unintentionally occurring or has occurred. The Community is made up of divers peoples. Who are at different stages of their life, with different aspirations, needs and located at all parts of the Globe. All are important and need to be considered. In addition the Community is not a platform for promoting of sexual agenda, sexual trade of any type.  The Community is for all but the limit is where all feel no pressure or have concern what they or their family may or may not see on the Community web-site, TV or other sort of media production or social media.  We ask that all members of the Community respect the other members.

 It is the goal of the Community to provide “Life Changing Opportunities” for as many people as possible whereby they too can do the same for others.

 The Community needs to grow in numbers so it can become more effective. But never is the Community to outgrow the core values whereby it only benefit a few.

 The Community understands there are always solutions to problems. The answer is “How”! Answering that question is the goal of this Community.