What is C.R. Globe?

It is the “New Platform of how the internet will be used”. Up to now the internet has been an information data base and advertising medium. C.R. Globe has been created to allow all people a platform which can create solutions that solve problems. Millions of people all over the world have been looking for a way where they can have a chance to improve their life or the lives of others. For the first time in the modern human history the tools are in place to create real global solutions, that can be used by the average person or business. Just a few years ago this was a dream. Before today, real great changes took so much time and could only be done by rich people or governments. No longer should that be the case. C.R. Globe is not just a Web-Site but the next generation of internet use Globally”.

Why join today?

Today C.R. Globe is building the base of people from all over the globe. It is the goal of C.R. Globe to have 30 million individual members, 150 thousand businesses working in 90 countries 2021. There are 1 billion people who want an opportunity to be part of something that will give them a chance and a place to find solutions. The foundation building has already started. We are asking you to join and be part of the beginning. When you catch the vision and direction C.R. Globe is going you will understand it is a two-way street. It is not only what you can get from C.R. Globe but what you are doing in C.R. Globe. Everyone wants to be part of something that is going places and you get a great benefit for being part of it. That is exactly what is happening and you need to be part of it. We are building a Global Community. That means people from all over the globe are being introduced to C.R. Globe daily. All those people will join for different reasons. But the main reason will be because they caught the Vision and took ownership to their part of the community. Join today and take ownership of your place in the First Virtual Global Community.