Buying and Selling at the Flea Market

If you have any items that you want to sell here at the Community Flea Market then follow the Video Instructions.

You must be a Community Member to Buy or Sell here at the Flea Market. 

If you are a Community Member and this is your first time here, read the rest of this page. Then. if you agree to what is written here, then when you Login you are stating you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Community concerning the use of the Flea Market for both for buying and selling.

You also will be conducting the transaction directly with the buyer/seller and not with the Community.

if you have any questions or comments about the Flea Market send us a message by email at:

Remember any member that is selling items at the Flea Market is only to sell legal items. Do not attempt to use the Flea Market for anything that is prohibited according to the laws of the Country you live or where you are attempting to sell those items.  In additions both Buyers and Sellers are bound to the Community Terms and Conditions when you joined the Community as a Members. 

If found in violation in any form could result in the termination of your use of this and other parts of the Community facilities. We want this to be a place that all members can feel free to enjoy a good shopping or selling experience.

Have a great time and we hope you find a treasure you never thought you could buy!

If you are a member, Login.  If not then please click on the "Join the Community here" button.

Watch the video below!

Before you Login for the first time make sure you read the Flea Market Home page.

Thank you,

The First Virtual Global Community.

How to use the Flea Market