You have come to the right place.  Everyone starts someplace.  Maybe you have some special talents or you want to make sure what someone has done for you will not be forgotten.  There are all sorts of reasons why people help others. But at the First Virtual Global Community it is called the Heartbeat.  This page is not hidden from the Community.  You can join for free for all three of these Memberships and do all you want to do.  You can watch the video of the Honorary Member and the Volunteer Member and see there is a place for everyone to help others.  If you need money and want to work right now you can become a Developer Member. Watch the Videos.  Remember you must be an Individual Member to become a Volunteer Member or a Developer Member. But if you are a Educational Institution, Medical Facilities or an official Humanitarian Organization you can register as an Honorary Member without becoming an Individual Member first. If you have any questions please write us at You will see your individual experience in the Community is built with "Life Changing Opportunities" as our goal.

There are FOUR important things to remember:  

  • First, YOU must register as an Individual Member first before you can register in any other type of Membership except for Honorary Membership (If you qualify as an Honorary Member).
  • Second, Use of the different parts of the Community by the Members is to be done in accordance to the Value Statement.  We are together striving to create a place where all are welcome and have a place to truly find "Life Changing Opportunities".
  • Third, C.R. Globe the First Virtual Global Community is committed to give 10% of all funds paid for by Membership Fees to Humanitarian Projects.
  • Forth, At present there are three Memberships that are free.  They all help you and the community. Check out the "Honorary Membership, Volunteer Membership and the Developer Memberships. 




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